Oracle Identity & Access Manager Installation Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to install Oracle Identity & Access Manager on a 64-bit Linux Operating system. So let`s start with the step by step tutorial on how to install Oracle Identity and Access Manager On Linux Operating System.


1. Oracle Database Installation.

2. Next Step is to create schemas for Oracle Identity & Access Manager.

Go to the RCU directory and execute rcu.exe or rcu.bin %rcuHome%\BIN or $rcuHome/BIN.

Step Screen/Window name Values
a. Welcome Click Next
b. Create Schema Click Next
c. Select Components Oracle Identity Manager & Oracle Access Manager
SOA & BPM Infrastructure
d. Schema Password Use Same Password for all Schemas
e. Verify the Summary Then Create.

3. Next Step is to Install Weblogic Platform on Linux Operating System.

4. Next step is to install SOA Suite (Tutorial Link will be available soon

5. In this step we are going to Install Oracle Identity & Access Manager.

Download Oracle Identity & Access Manager from Oracle Website.

Once downloaded, upload the file to the Linux server. Once copied unzip the file using the following command:

unzip $directory/ofm_iam_generic_11.

After extracting the zip file, you will see three directories created:

Disk1 | Disk2 | Disk3

cd to Disk1 and execute runInstaller.sh

Step Screen/Window name Values
a. Welcome Click Next
b. Check Pre-Requisites Click Next
c. Specify Installation Location /home/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1
d. Verify Installation Summary Click Install
e. Progress Screen: Once completed. Click Finish

That`s it. Next cd to /home/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1 directory and you will see all files and directories related to Oracle Identity and Access Manager.

In the next tutorial, we are going to configure the weblogic domain with SOA, OIM and OAM components.

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