Download Logs EM console

Download Log Files EM console

In this section, we are going to Download Log Files from EM console.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to view/download log files without having Linux access. You still need the em console access to perform these steps. The only drawback with this process is if you want to download a big file then it will impact the em console performance. Therefore, try not to download the huge files (for example: soa_server.out (not used much by the developers, usually for admins) | try downloading diagnostics file (write composite activities - used mostly by DEV team) only).

1. Login to SOA Enterprise Fusion Middleware Control console


2. Next Expand Menu from the Navigation Tree

Farm_soa_domain --> SOA --> soa_infra (WLS_SOA1):

3. Select View Log Messages under soa-infra.

Right Click soa_infra (WLS_SOA1) --> Logs --> View Log Messages.

4. Select Target Log Files :

5. On the next screen, you have two options:

a. View Log File.

b. Download Log File.

6. Select any log file as shown in the screen below:

Here I have selected WLS_SOA1-diagnostic.log file.

7. Then, Click View Log File :

View log file will provide the log information in a structured format.

There are several fields to filter requests. On top, you will see a download button, Click on it to download the file to your pc/laptop.

8. Second option is to directly download the file: Select any log file as shown in the screen below:

SOA MDS Repository export : Completed