Tomcat 7.0.12 Directory Structure

Tomcat 7.0.12 Directory Structure

As we have installed Tomcat server, let`s discuss the Tomcat Directory Structure. The tomcat installation directory is referred as CATALINE_HOME. Each of the directories listed below is contained within the $CATALINA_HOME directory.

Directory: Contents

/bin : Contains Start/Stop scripts for tomcat for both windows and linux operating system. Also consists of JAR files with classes required to control tomcat server.

/conf : Contains main configuration files (web.xml and server.xml).

/lib : Contains the Tomcat Java Archive (jar) files, shared across all Tomcat components.

/logs : Contains tomcat log files.

/temp: Temporary file storage.

/webapps : Deployment staging directory, where you place your WAR file.

/work : Tomcat`s working directory where Tomcat places all servlets that are generated from JSPs.

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