RESTFUL Management Services Weblogic Monitoring

RESTFUL Management Services WLS Monitoring

In this tutorials, we are going to enable the monitoring of the WebLogic Server domain through the RESTful Management Services Web application.

1. Login to the Weblogic Server AdminConsole.

2. Click on Domain –> Configuration –> General –> Expand the Advance Options.

3. Click Lock & Edit.

4. Enable the Restful Webservice as shown in the figure below.

enable restful webservice

5. Save and Activate the Changes.

6. Restart the Servers in the domain.

7. Next, Access the url`s as follows

All Server Status: http://host:port/management/tenant-monitoring/servers

restful webservice monitoring server status


Each Server Instance Status: http://host:port/management/tenant-monitoring/servers/SERVERNAME

Similary, you can access the following urls:

Applications: http://host:port/management/tenant-monitoring/applications

Clusters: http://host:port/management/tenant-monitoring/clusters

Datasources: http://host:port/management/tenant-monitoring/datasources

RESTFUL Management Services Weblogic Monitoring : Completed