Weblogic JDBC Monitoring

Weblogic JDBC Monitoring From AdminConsole

In this tutorials, we are going to monitor JDBC connection pool from the Weblogic Console. We can use WLST script to monitor JDBC connection pool as well. The tutorial on monitoring JDBC connection pool via WLST can be found here

1. Login to the Weblogic Server AdminConsole.

2. Click on Domain –> Expand (Services) –> Click Data Sources

Look for the Data Source you want to monitor. From the list below we will pick SOA DataSource to be monitored

WLS datasource lookup

3. On Right, Click Monitoring --> Statistics.

You will see that the following information by default/p> WLS datasource statistics

The information will provide you the targeted server information, state and JDBC driver information.

You can extend this table to include much more information, by using the Customize this table link.

WLS datasource customize table

4. From left panel you can select all or any number of available monitors that you would like to show on the monitoring table. For this tutorial, We are going to use just three.

WLS datasource customize table select

5. Click the forward button as shown below to copy the monitors from Available Panel to Chosen Panel

WLS datasource customize table choose WLS datasource customize table choose completed

All monitors from Available Panel has been moved to the Chosen Panel

6. Next Click Apply.

Once Applied, you will see the table with additional statistics.

WLS datasource customize table apply

Now, you can monitor the detailed connection information of Weblogic JDBC Connection Pool.

Weblogic JDBC Monitoring : Completed